1: "Value of American Nickels" Discover the top 10 American nickels in circulation today and learn why they are valuable collectibles.

2: "1938-D Jefferson Nickel" The 1938-D Jefferson nickel is highly sought after for its low mintage and iconic design.

3: "1942-S Jefferson Nickel" The 1942-S Jefferson nickel is rare due to its silver composition during World War II.

4: "1950-D Jefferson Nickel" The 1950-D Jefferson nickel is a key date coin with a limited mintage.

5: "Outstanding 1964 Jefferson Nickel" The 1964 Jefferson nickel is still in circulation, making it a valuable find for collectors.

6: "1971-S Jefferson Nickel" The 1971-S Jefferson nickel is highly collectible for its proof finish and low mintage.

7: "1994-P Jefferson Nickel" The 1994-P Jefferson nickel is a key date coin with a unique error variety.

8: "2005 Bison Nickel" The 2005 Bison nickel features a special reverse design and is a popular modern coin.

9: "Valuable Nickels to Look Out For" Now that you know the top 10 valuable American nickels, keep an eye out for these rare coins in your pocket change.