1: Whip up delicious Mediterranean snacks in just 15 minutes for your little ones.

2: Try easy recipes like hummus and veggie wraps for a healthy snack option.

3: Get creative with pita chips and tzatziki dip for a satisfying treat for kids.

4: Serve up fresh Greek salad skewers for a fun and nutritious snack time.

5: Make mini falafel bites with tzatziki sauce for a flavorful and easy snack.

6: Prepare tasty roasted red pepper and feta pinwheels for a savory snack option.

7: Try sweet and tangy grape and cheese kabobs for a fun twist on snacking.

8: Satisfy hunger with quick and delicious stuffed grape leaves for a Mediterranean treat.

9: Enjoy simple and tasty Mediterranean snacks that your busy mom lifestyle will appreciate.