1: "Turmeric hummus with veggies - a delicious and anti-inflammatory snack choice."

2: "Chia seed pudding with berries - rich in omega-3s and fiber for gut health."

3: "Almond butter apple slices - a satisfying and healthy snack combo."

4: "Green smoothie with spinach and pineapple - a refreshing anti-inflammatory drink."

5: "Avocado toast with tomatoes - a nutrient-dense snack for gut health."

6: "Quinoa salad with cucumbers - a protein-packed snack to keep you full."

7: "Sweet potato fries with avocado dip - a tasty and anti-inflammatory treat."

8: "Kale chips with nutritional yeast - a crunchy and nutrient-rich snack option."

9: "Coconut yogurt with granola - a probiotic-rich snack for gut health."