1: Start your day with a healthy Mediterranean twist! These 7 AM breakfast recipes are perfect for busy mornings.

2: Fuel your day with a refreshing Greek yogurt parfait topped with fruits, nuts, and honey.

3: Indulge in a savory feta and spinach omelette for a protein-packed start to your day.

4: Whip up a quick and easy avocado toast with a sprinkling of za'atar for a Mediterranean twist.

5: Enjoy a warm bowl of overnight oats infused with cinnamon and figs for a filling breakfast.

6: Savor a protein-rich chickpea scramble with tomatoes and feta cheese to kickstart your morning.

7: Treat yourself to a creamy tahini smoothie blended with banana, dates, and almond milk.

8: Delight in a vibrant Mediterranean breakfast salad filled with cucumbers, olives, and cherry tomatoes.

9: Choose any of these quick and nutritious 7 AM breakfasts for a delicious start to your busy day!