1: Title: Introduction Text: Learn how to challenge yourself with light weights during a push workout.

2: Title: Warm-up Text: Start with dynamic stretches and bodyweight movements to prep your muscles.

3: Title: Form is Key Text: Focus on proper form to effectively engage muscles with light weights.

4: Title: Increase Reps Text: Boost intensity by adding more reps with controlled movements.

5: Title: Tempo Training Text: Slow down the pace for more muscle tension during each rep.

6: Title: Super Sets Text: Pair exercises to elevate heart rate and exhaust muscles.

7: Title: Burnout Rounds Text: Finish with high rep burnout sets for maximum muscle fatigue.

8: Title: Cool Down Text: End with static stretches to promote recovery and prevent injury.

9: Title: Next Steps Text: Apply these techniques to grow muscle endurance and strength with light weights.