1: Sherlock Holmes - a master detective with an IQ that allows him to spot a lumberjack in the forest in just 6 seconds.

2: Using his keen observations and deductive skills, Sherlock Holmes solves mysteries with lightning speed.

3: It's no wonder Holmes is known for his remarkable intellect and ability to see things others can't.

4: Whether it's solving a murder case or finding a missing person, Holmes's 6-second IQ never fails him.

5: His unique way of thinking and sharp eye for detail make him unbeatable in the world of detective work.

6: Holmes's quick wit and incredible memory are key to his success in cracking the toughest cases.

7: The lumberjack in the forest wouldn't stand a chance against Holmes's lightning-fast mind and keen sense of observation.

8: With an IQ that allows him to spot even the smallest details, Holmes is always steps ahead of the game.

9: Sherlock Holmes's incredible 6-second IQ sets him apart as the greatest detective of all time.