1: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens argue about keto vs. vegan diets for weight loss. Who will win the debate?

2: Simone prefers the keto diet for quick results, while Jonathan swears by the benefits of a plant-based approach.

3: Arguments heat up as they discuss the impact of carbs, fats, and protein on their performance and physique goals.

4: Simone brings science into the discussion, citing studies on the effectiveness of ketosis for fat burning.

5: Jonathan counters with evidence of how a vegan diet can provide essential nutrients for sustainable weight loss.

6: The couple agrees to try both diets for a month to see which one yields better results and fits their lifestyle.

7: Follow along their journey as they document their meals, workouts, and progress towards their weight loss goals.

8: Stay tuned for updates on Simone and Jonathan's diet experiment, as they navigate the challenges and victories along the way.

9: Join the debate on keto vs. vegan for weight loss and discover which diet may work best for you based on their experience.