1: Discover the perfect haircut for your face shape. Enhance your features with a style that complements your unique look.

2: Round face? Consider a layered cut to add dimension and elongate your features. Bangs can also slim the face.

3: If you have a square face, opt for soft, long layers or a side-swept fringe to soften angles and add movement.

4: Heart-shaped faces can rock a long bob or chin-length layers to balance the wider forehead and narrow chin.

5: Oval faces are lucky - any haircut suits this balanced shape. From pixie cuts to long waves, the options are endless.

6: For diamond-shaped faces, try a short, textured cut or long layers to soften angles and highlight cheekbones.

7: If you have an oblong face, go for a shoulder-length cut with layers or a side part to add width and volume.

8: Want to frame a triangular face? Consider a pixie cut or soft waves around the cheekbones to balance out wide jawlines.

9: Consult with your hairstylist to find the best haircut for your face shape. Enhance your natural beauty with a style that suits you.