1: "The Walking Dead" spinoff starring Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira announced title and trailer release.

2: Fans eagerly anticipate new series following Rick and Michonne on their post-apocalyptic journey.

3: Excitement builds as teaser provides glimpse into thrilling adventures of beloved characters.

4: Title and trailer generate buzz, showcasing epic storylines and action-packed scenes.

5: New spinoff promises to deliver heart-pounding drama and intense character development.

6: Rick and Michonne's spinoff captures audience's attention with intriguing plot twists and suspenseful moments.

7: Fans prepare for emotional rollercoaster as Rick and Michonne reunite in post-apocalyptic world.

8: Title and trailer reveal glimpse into future of beloved characters, leaving viewers on edge.

9: Audiences worldwide await eagerly for premiere of "The Walking Dead" spinoff, starring Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira.