1: 1. 1913-S Type 2 2. 1937-D 3-Legged 3. 1918/7-D 4. 1916 Doubled Die Obverse

2: 5. 1916/1916 Doubled Die Obverse 6. 1926-S 7. 1936-D 3 1/2-Legged 8. 1924-S

3: 9. 1937-D 3 1/2-Legged 10. 1918-D 8 Over 7

4: Considered rare and valuable High collector demand Iconic design Historical significance

5: Key dates Varieties to look out for Popular choice among numismatists Increase in value over time

6: Ideal for investment Beautifully designed Limited availability Special mint marks

7: Different grades signify value Historical context adds interest Collector's favorite Iconic American coinage

8: Variety of designs Popular with coin collectors Valuable addition to any collection Guidelines for identifying authentic pieces

9: Tips for building a diverse collection Importance of grading How to preserve and protect your coins Resources for further research